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The Lurve Egg by MizzyKit
The Lurve Egg

The Luuuurve Egg!!

This was an egg done by request and payment from my bunneh sissy, :iconbunnytam:!

Her favorite is.. no think about it a moment, it might not be obvious!!
YUP! It's PINK! XD See, told you it wasn't that obvious! lol Sweating a little... 

The Lurve Egg is currently: SOLD!…
Kit the Kabbit's Reference Sheet by MizzyKit
Kit the Kabbit's Reference Sheet
So I was asked if my fursona had a reference sheet aaand.. I really don't! I don't feel comfortable doing something like that, even for my own fursona and I can't honestly afford to pay someone else to make me one! Sooo I decided to take my fursona I have worked on FOR YEARS on a game I play called SecondLife, take some pics of her, and smoosh them together into a rather.. messy lookin.. reference sheet of some sorts. lol 

Kit the Kabbit:
Kit is a submissive kabbit in love with being in and left in tight bondage! That's the way she is programmed! She is a clockwork doll who can actually be taken apart and given different forms, of which she has about 2 other common ones, this is just THE MOST common form as it's the one she was born in! She is fully operational and has many functions! But those are secrets! Wink/Razz 

Being part cat and part bunny she has common traits for both, like a love for and a steady diet of carrots AND fish! (Preferably tuna fish.. right outta the can! And lil tiny baby carrots!)
She can be an independent bratty butt who is super hyperactive and likes to play tough, but is ultimately VERY easily controlled and picked on by anyone who knows how to work her gears! Like threatening to unwind her key! (Or tie her up tight, but she likes that! Love )

Her collar and key are NOT removable! The key keeps her gears and lights on and the collar is the programing plugged right into the back on her neck. Without either, she does not function!

She has a great love for COLORS! RAINBOWS! RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE!! And bells... :lovesquee: 
Finished Butterflys by MizzyKit
Finished Butterflys
So this is a new project I've started, I have been slow getting to them but this is a quick picture of the finished butterflys! 

Another, cheaper, line of items I wish to add to my Mythical Treasures sales!

They are both available for any interested parties and do not have a definite price on them!
Note: Any negotiated prices do not include S/H, but it will be added onto that!…
Red Drake Egg by MizzyKit
Red Drake Egg

Yeah, I was WAY to slow with this one. But it's finally done, YAY! NEXT!
I actually finished it a couple of days ago but am only just now getting around to sharing it!

The Red Drake Egg is currently: SOLD!…

Marona Mapochi Colored by MizzyKit
Marona Mapochi Colored
FINALLY!! It is done! 

This WHOLE process took so long it was ridiculous. Coloring did go by much faster but I think I am content with it's final result. 

Thank you again for your patience :iconmarpuppy: ! I am so sorry it took so long to get it done but I certainly hope YOU are content with the result!
Thank you so much for letting me use your Fursona as practice!

Line Art:
Marona Mapochi Line Art by MizzyKit


MizzyKit's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
United States

I do an assortment of commissions from drawn art to crafts! I am currently available for:
- Quick drawn art
- Dragons eggs
- New Style Cameo Necklaces
- Various Crafts!

When I do a colored sketch commission you will also get the black and white sketch along with your colored picture!

NOTE: that times may vary between when you get your commissions. I could take a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on how my RL is going!

Message me for details!

Commission 1: :iconsilverwolfthefirst:

What's your Pokemon?

Sun Sep 21, 2014, 12:36 AM
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Mar talk
  • Reading: my journal
  • Watching: Black Butler II
  • Playing: Pokemon X
So I've been inspired recently by a new game I reeeeally want on my 3DS!

Pokemon Art Academy!

To a lot of people, this may sound silly, but to me... nooo... this is going to be THE SHIT!!! I really hate when I have to be out and about and I got all these neat ideas I want to do or I want to practice cause I am just sitting about in public bored out of my mind (No, I am not a totally social person, especially in big groups. XD) and with this.. this is a really awesome looking program I suggest to ANYONE with a 3DS, likes to draw, and LOVES Pokemon! (preferably a xl one like I got!) It teaches you everything from basics to advanced levels on how to draw all your favorite Pokemon!

It's sadly not out yet, but the price is $
29.96, and it is suppose to be coming to us NEXT MONTH!! YAY!!! *Pre-orders* :squee: 

Best place to check it out and pre-order would be on your Nintendo Marketplace on your DS's! Or your can even pre-order it at a lot of your local stores like Wal-Mart or Gamestop, etc. 
DO EET! Check it OOOUT! Nuu 

Also excited about the new Pokemon game releases. They are doing revisions of Sapphire and Ruby! Which from what I understand, since I've never played original Sapphire or Ruby, it's suppose to be super cool! My husband is very excited over it, which tells me something because he is pretty big into Pokemon. Been playing since Gen 1 and actually won the tournament to compete for all of Oregon during Pokemon's 10th Anniversary... he really loves Pokemon. lol 

But from what I am hearing.. no new Pokemons! Sad dummy   Total sad face!! But that is okay, because I am still working on breeding to get my perfects on my favorite Pokemons! Like Pumpkaboo! My Favorite Pokemon EVER! He's so COOTE!

OH YEAH!! Which brings me back full circle to my inspiration! lol I decided while I wait for the Pokemon Art Academy to come out, I would practice Pokemons! I recently did a Pumpkaboo that I am feeling pretty proud of, especially since it was an experimental color idea! But I want to do MORE Pokemon like the Pumpkaboo!! Idea  So I was thinking... if you tell me what your favorite Pokemon is and I like it, I'll do a Pokemon just like my Pumpkaboo and give it to you as a present!!

So guys... What's your Pokemon?  Pokeball 

My Pumpkaboo Example:

Shrunk Pumpkaboo by MizzyKit



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Of course, you're welcome hun ^^ Clap You're doing great!
MizzyKit Featured By Owner Edited Sep 21, 2014  Student
Thanks so much! It is really awesome to have friend who support and cheer me on as I attempt to progress and experiment with my artistic side! Thank you!! Heart 
MarPuppy Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
*giggles* Thank you and you're welcome! Huggle! 
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thanks for the :+fav: on Duo in the Bathroom ... happy you appreciate my pic !
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Thanks for faving !

If you feel like it you can take a look at my folio there : [link]

Video of my Shibari performance with Alpha at the Nuit Demonia in Paris : [link]
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